Root Canal Therapy & Apical Surgery

If a tooth is decayed or cracked, it is overly susceptible to a level of inflammation or infection that can cause its loss. Once the decay or crack line extends deep into the tooth, the nerve tissue (pulp) at the core of Root canal Therapythe tooth can become involved, causing discomfort like night pain, unusual sensitivity to temperature change, throbbing pain, and/or pain upon chewing.

To prevent tooth infection, or in more serious cases to clear the tooth off an existing infection, endodontic therapy, also known as root canal treatment, becomes a necessary option for our patients. Usually a root canal treatment involves just one visit at our office. This saves your time! Typically, the procedure is pain free as we get the tooth totally numb by advanced techniques.

The endodontic treatment clears the diseased nerve from the root of the tooth. Generally, a crown is placed over the tooth to add strength and support. For a root canal, our patients receive luxurious care with advanced technology like microscope to find extra canals and cracks.

In small number of cases apical surgery would be required after root canal treatment to eliminate the infection. It happens in long-lasting infections and that is why root canal treatment is highly recommended at the early stages of disease. Usually, this kind of surgery should be performed by an endodontist. We save your teeth!

Root canal Therapy

Root canal Therapy