Full Mouth Reconstruction

How it’s Done:

Your initial consultation and exam process takes you through a 60-point checklist. Your first visit is likely to be like no other dental exam you have experienced, including a thorough evaluation of teeth, gums, the jaw muscles, and joints, and various other structures.

Our entire exam process is based on the three reasons people lose their teeth. These are:

  1. Cavities
  2. Gum disease
  3. Bad bite

The data gathered during our comprehensive first visit is used to draw up a recommendation of care. This goes beyond simply planning for the replacement of missing teeth or the correction of a bad bite.

Full mouth reconstruction performed in our office seeks to give you back the smile you once had. Going beyond aesthetics, we want you to feel your best, to be able to chew and to digest food properly and speak with clarity and confidence. We do this through a detailed, systematic process.

After the initial consultation and examination in which photographs, impressions, and imaging take place, the various factors that relate to your smile will be analyzed. In a reputable dental lab, a wax-up, or model of your restored smile will be made. The Doctor will review this wax-up with you and continue the discussion about your goals and expectations. If necessary, a referral or referrals to specialists can be made.

A number of details are integral to the longevity of results in full mouth reconstruction. The process, for one, can take several months to complete. We may need to address the issue of ongoing gum disease before we can safely replace missing teeth with implants, implant-supported dentures, or other prosthetic suited to your needs.

The nature of teeth and tooth structure is also important to the repair process. Some dentists may perform full mouth reconstruction by grinding down and “capping” numerous teeth with dental crowns, but we have seen the after-effects of such practice. Studies show that, over a ten-year span, teeth that have essentially been ground down and crowned are 33% more likely to require root canal therapy due to secondary infection. Crowns have been used for over a century, but we now have far better ways to rebuild teeth in the way nature intended.

Teeth have multiple -layers and, in our office, they are repaired with that in mind. In fact, we rarely use dental crowns and yet our patients regain full functionality that lasts for decades! We honor the natural tooth and set the stage for beauty,comfort,and lasting results.

Implants and Full-Mouth Reconstruction:

Implants have become a highly sought-after form of restorative care. Clearly, there are innumerable benefits to the replacement of teeth and their roots. However, not every person is well suited to this procedure. Many of our holistically minded patients actually prefer to avoid having anything foreign inserted into the body. In all situations, we accommodate patient wishes and work to achieve the desired outcome.

When implants are the preferred method of treatment,the Doctor works together with a specialist to ensure that the work is done to the highest of standards. And of course we use only the highest quality titanium products available. This metal is inert in its highest quality. Due to the prevalence of implants and the demand for low-cost care, numerous manufacturers have “watered-down” their titanium. While cost saving, this practice can only put the patient at a disadvantage when it comes to integration with bone and long-term success.

Orthodontics and Full-Mouth Reconstruction:

If the bite is part of the problem, we will discuss what may be accomplished with orthodontic treatment. We understand that many adults today would prefer to avoid braces, even the most discreet models. In the event that orthodontic care is agreed upon, this treatment will be conducted first and then the remainder of reconstruction will be performed as needed to restore teeth and the smile to its most natural condition.

Full mouth reconstruction can take time, and yes, an investment is needed. Your smile, however, goes with you wherever you go. It will do more than greeting others; it will enable you to chew properly,to speak clearly and delivers that sense of confidence that comes with a healthy and beautiful smile. When you realize the immense effect your smile has on your overall well being, you understand why the work you conduct with Smiles On Don Mills Dental can be one of the best things you could do to improve your appearance and your quality of life.

Don’t wait for your mouth to get any worse. Call us!

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